Don’t you think that the present generation is a bit old for referring to dictionaries for help?

Humans can never stop learning and it never is too late for referring to dictionary. Also, as our natural property, we are always into knowing something in the back of our minds. When as a teenager we are going on with our studies, then too we are learning though we like it or hate it. We incorporate the use of dictionaries and different other vocabulary building tools to help us learn things more easily. We thus get a primary education necessary for us for a sound future life. Then, when we step into our practical life, we use tools to help us understand the things present in our job and fields related to it and then we are repeating the process for our family and so on. Basically, we always are learning something or want to learn it. For this either we consult dictionaries to understand the term or use Google it to understand even better than the only available information in dictionaries. Secondly, with everything available on internet, dictionaries too are also made available on the internet.

What are you views about the usage of dictionaries that are available online and how come your interest developed in expressing it?

Just like all the other fields, dictionaries also have found somewhat saturation at the internet and it is more desirable for the people that they have some limited tools to which they can refer when in need rather than every time looking for a proper place to help you out. I had a major project for my degree that involved the development of dictionary and for that I had to refer some dictionary present online and believe me despite the number of visitors these dictionaries had daily they still did not have had all the necessary vocabulary. It took a lot of my time just to look for a proper tool that I can use it for my project but in between I made up my mind to share my findings with other people as well. I also incorporated the use of Google translate for a lot of my work and thus developed a strong understanding of this domain as well.

What are you going to provide your readers in this site?

In this site, I will be sharing all my knowledge with you that involves the reference to popular and most widely used dictionaries available online with all the ratings and views daily. How many users prefer to use these sites and how often do they use it and if these fulfill their needs are the major questions that I would like to answer in this site. Apart from dictionaries, I will also want to emphasize on the importance of translation tools available online and most importantly the importance of Google translate and why it is preferred our other translation sites and what makes it unique is the kind of information you can find here. Also the interesting facts that add to the uniqueness and usefulness of Google Translate will be explained here.