Google Translate is a forum of translating varied languages in English. It is an extremely useful hub that is popular among the users globally. However, there is a wide array of fun facts that is not known among the users. The article talks about some facts about Google Translations that might surprise you.

  • Google Translate do not translate a single language to an another one

This fact might sound extremely crazy but however, in real, it does not translate one language to the other. On the other hand, what it does is translating the original language into English. Next, it further translates the language English into the target language. This, however, makes the entire process easier but however might result in translation errors. This is because English is extremely far from being a perfect language.maxresdefaults

  • It uses the documents of United States

Google Translate used to use documents derived from that of the United Nations. This used to be done for acquiring a lot of data in varied languages without any need to expend a lot of effort. The UN further tends to publish the document in six distinct languages. This is why the service has extremely well-established database of six-language.

  • Google Translations comprises of some extremely cool shortcuts for keyboards

In cases when you click alt [option] + L, then it facilitates you to listen to any target translation of everything that you wish to understand on service. However, in cases when you select alt [option] + Shift + L, this makes you listen to the translation of the source.

  • It has great sense of humor

There is no secret that any translation service is extremely perfect, and the Google Translate is hence no exception. However, some of the fails are extremely hilarious. It had once translated ‘Lady Gaga’ to ‘Britney Spears’. While you type the right thing, you further make service beatbox up for you.

  • There are many languages that it does not support

There are total 27 languages that the service does not yet support. The languages comprise of the following,

  • Hawaiianusa-satellite
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Cantonese
  • Google Translate looks for varied patterns

In case you are wondering how this particular service translates a colloquial saying in an appropriate manner, it does so as the Google Translate does not translate a word for another. Instead, what it does is looking for patterns and analyzing a wide array of documents about what the proper kind of translation should look like.

  • Users’ help in improving the service with the help of translate community

Translate Community has been designed in a way that helps in improving Google Translate in varied ways. The users can work within the entire community for verifying translations while updating translations for being more correct.

  • Google Translate supports about 103 languages

The community of Google Translate has the capability of translating a wide array of languages, so much so that it translates almost 103 languages in total.

The above-mentioned are the facts about the Google Translations that might have surprised you and you must have been unaware of all these days.

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