Online dictionaries are undoubtedly one of the most useful things that the online media has to provide. However, apart from searching just the meanings, today users are increasingly searching for a wide array of interesting facts associated with the words online. There are some online dictionaries that are extremely equipped to provide great interesting facts about the words or phrases. Following is a list of the best online dictionaries to gather interesting facts.merriam-webster_logo-svg

  • Acronym Finder

This comprises of a wide array of definitions of many words along with the phrases. Apart from providing meanings of words and phrases, it provides varied acronyms, initializes and abbreviations. It is in combination with Acronym Attic that the Acronym Finder comprises of more than 5 million abbreviations along with acronyms. You can easily make your search in more than 850,000 US along with Canadian postal codes.

  • Merriam-Webster Online

This online dictionary is one among the best online dictionaries beneficial for gathering interesting facts. This online dictionary can be searched by Dictionary, Spanish-English, Medical, Thesaurus and the results are to be shown to you. The results comprise of the punctuations, pronunciations, definitions, functions along with the word histories. You can further search any word present in the results only just by a click.

  • Macmillan

This is also considered as one of the best online dictionaries for gathering interesting facts. The definitions are extremely short while being just at the point. It lets the users submit words of your very own while giving you the option of American English or even British English. The particular wheeze of Macmillan is extremely useful to the learners of the English language. The online dictionary comprises about 7,500crore words of extreme high frequency of the English language. While the three-star words are most frequent, one-star words are no less. It is available for free online.

  • OneLookgerman-dictionary

This particular online dictionary trawls about 18,967,499 words in about 1060 varied dictionaries. The users can easily customize the search. It comprises of varied dictionaries related to specific subjects that include art, medicine, business or languages. This is one among the best online dictionaries that are great for gathering interesting facts apart from finding out the meaning of specific words and phrases.

  • com

This is particularly good for the users who need to search for English words for their definitions are varied languages which include Chinese, Spanish, French and others. At the same time, you can avail English definitions along with compound forms. Thus you can avail a wide array of funny and extremely interesting facts from this online dictionary that you can make use of. This is considered as one of the best online dictionaries for the purpose of gathering interesting facts about a certain phrase or word being searched for.

The above-mentioned points are a description of the best online dictionaries to gather interesting facts. For those of you who wish to search for facts along with searching a word, you can go forward with these dictionaries.


Hi there! As for humans, the age of learning new things and understanding the new ideas and beliefs more is never over and it is only done when the person leaves the world. Also, as our natural property, we are always into knowing something in the back of our minds. When as a teenager we are going on with our studies, then too we are learning though we like it or hate it. We incorporate the use of dictionaries and different other vocabulary building tools to help websterus learn things more easily. We thus get a primary education necessary for us for a sound future life. Then, when we step into our practical life, we use tools to help us understand the things present in our job and fields related to it and then we are repeating the process for our family and so on. Basically, we always are learning something or want to learn it. For this either we consult dictionaries to understand the term or use Google it to understand even better than the only available information in dictionaries. Secondly, with everything available on internet, dictionaries too are also made available on the internet.
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