There is no doubt that Google is the most preferred search engine and the majority relies on Google to take information or clear any query. The reason is quite obvious for the fact that Google is ahead of all its competitors i.e. of all the search engines. The Google translator is another thing that has come as a great relief for many using the internet.

There was the time when people were restricted from gathering or availing information from a certain website google_translate_23_452119adepending on the language they preferred, but thanks to the Google translation tool that people now can access any page over the internet. You, as per your convenience, can translate any page English language and vice versa, and can easily read information over the million websites.

Even if you are using the Google translation for longer times, there are certainly a few amazing facts that you have missed out. Here, we are sharing some of those amazing things you didn’t know about Google translations.

  • It supports 90 Languages

Most of us knew that Google translate actually translates a language to English and then English to one targeted language, but many of us certainly didn’t know that it supports more than 90 languages though not fairly. It can translate 37 languages on the base of photos, 32 different languages based on the conversation mode and other 27 different languages based on its improved reality mode.

  • It functions as a Dictionary

If you translate one specific word, Google translate defines the word for you too so you don’t need to keep a dictionary with you every time.

  • android_phone_mockup_04_1447156047Google translate asks for the suggestions

In case, if you find that your native tongue is not properly translated, then you can give suggestions to the Google to what to translate. In this way, the Google translate will update it when the new version of the service will be updated.

  • It can even translate the URLs

If you are typing a Url, the Google translate will show you a link to the website through which you can even translate the url as well.

  • It doesn’t care about the Grammar

Well, if you think that translating the page or sentences will give you an exact result then you might are little wrong. The Google translate don’t care about the grammar and there are chances that will encounter some or many of the grammatical errors.

  • Millions of people use it everyday

You perhaps didn’t even think of it, but more than 200 million of people uses Google translate tool every day.

  • It doesn’t translate one language to another

Well, you may are aware of it, but this also gets in the list of the amazing fact. The Google translate doesn’t actually translate one language to another but only in English. This means that you can translate a particular language into English and English to one language.

Well, these are some of the amazing facts that many were unaware of even the ones using Google translate from quite a time. Google translate is an amazing tool that will help you with the translating things and with these mentioned amazing facts, it surely now has become the coolest tool you ever have tried.

Hi there! As for humans, the age of learning new things and understanding the new ideas and beliefs more is never over and it is only done when the person leaves the world. Also, as our natural property, we are always into knowing something in the back of our minds. When as a teenager we are going on with our studies, then too we are learning though we like it or hate it. We incorporate the use of dictionaries and different other vocabulary building tools to help websterus learn things more easily. We thus get a primary education necessary for us for a sound future life. Then, when we step into our practical life, we use tools to help us understand the things present in our job and fields related to it and then we are repeating the process for our family and so on. Basically, we always are learning something or want to learn it. For this either we consult dictionaries to understand the term or use Google it to understand even better than the only available information in dictionaries. Secondly, with everything available on internet, dictionaries too are also made available on the internet.
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