A powerful English dictionary often serves to be extremely helpful to learn the language English. This is especially when you forget a work or you come across new words or phrases. However, instead of buying a whole new English dictionary which is not portable, you can easily use a free English dictionary online. This helps you to save a large amount of money while carrying one always with you. Following are five of the most popular online dictionaries.

When you search for meanings online, it is a lot more convenient to do so. This is because no longer do you need to carry a specific book along with you everywhere you visit. You can simply go on the internet and find a suitable dictionary which caters to your choice and interest. On finding a proper dictionary for you, you find the meanings of any word or phrases and obtain the results immediately. You are free to access it any time of the day. It is completely a convenient and hassle free way of searching a meaning of the words or phrases you need to know of.

  • Wiktionary maxresdefault

This particular online dictionary has more than 10 lakh entries. These entries come along with English definitions from around 350 languages. Apart from images, example sentences, definitions and voice pronunciations, the research results also show you etymology, Translations, along with varied related items.

  • com

Apart from the images, voice pronunciations, and definitions, its search results show the synonyms, acronyms, sentence examples, quote examples and idioms. In case, you get no such matched results, this particular online dictionary shows you related results right from the particular website.

  • Cambridge Dictionary Online

This online dictionary is one among the popular online dictionaries. This comprises of about four dictionaries which are the following.9780521712637

  • Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary
  • Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs
  • Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms
  • Cambridge Dictionary of American English

These are the places where you can search varied English words along with the phrases while getting related definitions. There are also voice pronunciations which you can avail for definitions of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary.

  • com

This is one of the most popular dictionaries found online. This particular online website is an Ask.com service. The search results shows you varied voice pronunciations, definitions, history, word origin and many others. In case, there are no results found for a particular word or a phrase that is searched, you shall then be directed to the Ask.com for the suggested items. You can search any word present in the search results of the dictionary just by a mouse click.tfdlogo1200x1200

  • The Free Dictionary

This is one among other popular online dictionaries. With the help of The Free Dictionary, the search process can be further enunciated with the search of words, Text or characters and the results further gets displayed. It comprises of the voice pronunciations, intransitive verbs, multiple definitions, translations, and thesaurus. The users can further translate the English words in varied languages which include German, French, Greek and many others.

Well, these are just a few most popular and the most preferred online dictionaries at the present time. There are more you can find on the internet giving you the accurate definition and the usage of the word.

Hi there! As for humans, the age of learning new things and understanding the new ideas and beliefs more is never over and it is only done when the person leaves the world. Also, as our natural property, we are always into knowing something in the back of our minds. When as a teenager we are going on with our studies, then too we are learning though we like it or hate it. We incorporate the use of dictionaries and different other vocabulary building tools to help websterus learn things more easily. We thus get a primary education necessary for us for a sound future life. Then, when we step into our practical life, we use tools to help us understand the things present in our job and fields related to it and then we are repeating the process for our family and so on. Basically, we always are learning something or want to learn it. For this either we consult dictionaries to understand the term or use Google it to understand even better than the only available information in dictionaries. Secondly, with everything available on internet, dictionaries too are also made available on the internet.
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