Google translate has turned 10 years a few months back. It is backed by a powerful background that of Google it undoubtedly needs to turn as an extremely popular translation machine tool. It has helped individuals to communicate greatly in situations when the professional translation has been absent or unavailable. However, you might be unaware about a wide array of interesting facts about Google Translate. The article talks about 5 interesting and must know facts about Google translation.

  • About more than 500 million individuals use the Google Translate

According to the reports of the blog of Google Translate, the service comprises of about 500 million users. This is, in fact, close to the entire array of the population present in the European Union. This particular place comprises about 508 million inhabitants. When Google translate was released in the year 2006, the number of users used to be measured in about hundreds.

  • Google Translate is in love with an extremely good whodunit42831535b508139be1a18a2855de25c8

Google Translate performs the task of translation by process of mining a huge database of the translated material while looking for patterns. You might be wondering what is in the database. Following are the biggest sources in the database:

  • The Bible that is translated into almost all the languages for at least one time
  • United Nations along with documents of European Union, this is why Google Translate performs or works best with that of the European languages.
  • Mystery novels
  • Google translate has been recognized or is much more than just a single web page.

The users do not need to be online for accessing Google Translate. You just need to be downloading Android App while getting a rough translation of the 90 distinct languages available on the smartphone without any use of the data. With the help of the WordLens app, you can translate varied words into pictures or images. There is further no need to type out anything.

  • Google does not use the Google Translate for own transactions of business

Google Translate us sure an extremely great tool that is beneficial for right situations. For example, it is extremely helpful in order to get a website’s gist which has been written in a different language. It helps in saving time along with the frustration that travelers usually face when nobody else speaks English. But however, Google does not use it for making transactions of its own business. It, however, cannot replace the human translators and thus it hasnot been used by Google for business transactions.1421375091-_translate

  • Google Translate converts or translates more than about 100 billion words each day

This is another fun fact about Google Translate that is worth knowing. It is also equivalent to an entire stack of about 128,000 Bibles each day. This is a whole lot of counting and thus an interesting fact for the readers.

The above-mentioned facts are the interesting facts about Google Translate that the users need to know about while at the same time are extremely interesting and a fun fact to know of.

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